Our Tech department consists of a bunch of extremely serious people with a thing for ponies, sparkles and cake. Team spirit is in our DNA: we believe in helping each other and rescuing friends in need...

Speaking of which: a few days ago, one of our shiny little friends was roaming around Ponyville when she saw a rainbow. The pony was mesmerized by the lights and immediately decided to follow the trail of colors. Maybe this time she would finally get to the end of the rainbow!

Unfortunately, our little pony was so distracted that she didn’t see the tangled maze in front of her, and… Oh no! Now she is lost and cannot find her way out!

Every maze worthy of its name has a monster protecting it - oh no, it’s a Domokun! It is now very angry and is chasing our little friend.

Will you help our trapped pony find her way through the maze and rescue her from the Domokun?

Go to our Challenge documentation and solve it.

Submit your code and application here (pick Technology department and country).

If you have questions, you can email thereisnospoon@trustpilot.com